Blue Balls…

Here are the first three things you should know:
  1. Blue balls is a real phenomenon that actually causes physical pain
  2. Blue balls will NOT cause lasting physical damage
  3. You can avoid blue balls!

If you’ve had this experience, you are not alone. I have had blue balls multiple times, and each time royally sucked. Luckily, there are easy steps you can take to avoid blue balls, so you don’t end up feeling like this guy…

What is Blue Balls - Are Blue Balls a Real Thing - Beyond Ejaculation - Taylor Johnson


Common Blue Balls Symptoms:
  • Throbbing, dull pain in your testicles and lower abdomin
  • A stagnant feeling you can’t explain
  • Mild nausea
  • Actual emotional frustration
  • Mental distraction

Before we move on to how to prevent blue balls, it’ll be helpful to first understand what is blue balls in the first place.


What is Blue Balls?


The scientific/medical perspective:

“Epididymal Hypertension” – the term used by the scientific community for blue balls. The epididymis is attached to your testes and plays a roll in the production and storage of semen.

When a person with a penis becomes sexually aroused and experiences stimulation of some sort, there is a build-up of fluid in their balls that becomes pressurized in preparation for ejaculation (simplified long story short). Blue balls physiologically refers to what happens when the buildup of pressure isn’t relieved (usually through ejaculation). Eventually, this unrelieved pressure turns into a dull aching pain that can be all-consuming.


The Tantric & Taoist Sexuality perspective:

“Energetic Stagnation” – a term used by multiple esoteric traditions (Tantra & Taoist Sexuality) that believe sexual energy needs to be circulated during sex for optimum health and pleasure, otherwise the energy will stagnate in your testicles and cause you pain. 

In Tantra and Taoist Sexuality, both traditions have concepts of “sexual energy,” and both traditions view sexual energy as incredibly powerful and sacred. When a person becomes aroused, it is said that their sexual energy awakens. There are energetic practices within these traditions that help move sexual energy throughout the entire body. These practices can be done before, during AND after a sexual experience, and they feel amazing.


What does Blue Balls feel like?

For me, the pain from blue balls comes on slowly, and by the time it hits, the sexual interaction is usually over (somewhere between 5-15 minutes after sexual stimulation has stopped completely). It’s tricky, because you might not even know it’s coming, and then all of a sudden it can feel like this:

What is Blue Balls - Are Blue Balls a Real Thing - Beyond Ejaculation - Taylor Johnson


One time I got blue balls in public…

A little over ten years ago, blue balls hit me right when I walked into a crowded mall. It was about 15 minutes after a lovely lady and I finished a 2-hour makeout & grind session.

It was agonizing and really weird to be around so many people with aching balls. I walked around aimlessly for about 20 minutes hoping the dull ache in my entire pelvic region would fade away, but it just kept going… I had to fix it… so I went into the public bathroom stall… Luckily noone else was in the bathroom, so I rubbed one out while sitting the toilet as quickly as possible. No joke. It was one of those utilitarian jerk sessions.

I walked out of that bathroom feeling lighter and without pain. It was a huge relief. There is a better option though…


What is Blue Balls - Are Blue Balls a Real Thing - Beyond Ejaculation - Taylor Johnson

Another time I got blue balls from sex…

This happened to me in the early days of practicing ejaculation control. My girlfriend at the time and I had really hot sex… the kind of sex where you both can’t get enough of each other. I decided to try not cumming to see if what I was reading about ejaculation retention was true.

I was missing one major piece of the puzzle though…

…and bout 5 minutes after we finished (without any ejaculation on my part) my blue balls kicked in. We were already in the car headed to get some food, and this time it came on like a tidal wave… I actually felt a little sick to my stomach. Luckily for me, I told her what was happening, and she actually turned the car around and brought me back into her bedroom to give me head and make me cum. #luckyguy

It was a relief, but honestly it wasn’t a great ejaculation experience… at all. It wasn’t anywhere close to as amazing it would have felt if I had chosen to ejaculate during sex before the blue balls kicked in – OR – if I had known the best way to handle myself during and immediately after non-ejaculatory sex.

It would seem that the only way to relieve Blue Balls is to ejaculate… but…


There is a better option!

That is to prevent blue balls in the first place! The next article is called “How to Prevent Blue Balls,” and if you follow the steps in that article, you might never experience Blue Balls again. I haven’t experienced Blue Balls one time since I started doing these practices… not once!


How to avoid blue balls - what are blue balls

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