What does “Beyond Ejaculation” mean?


1. Choosing to live for something greater.

2. Being intentional with sexual energy in EVERY aspect of life.

3. Having an empowered, mind-blowingly amazing sex life.

4. Living in a way that is unbound by the limited beliefs society has given us.



In Tantra, Brahmacharya” is the practice of charging up your life through building your sexual energy, (rather than letting it go through energy leaks such as excessive ejaculation).

In Taoist Sexuality this has been called “Sexual Kung Fu” and “The Tao of Loving.” In other words, the art of sexual mastery.

In both Tantric and Taoist traditions, intentionality with sexual energy and ejaculation is fundamental.

What is beyond ejaculation - what happens if I don't ejaculate - Taylor Johnson


To Ejaculate or Not to Ejaculate?

You know that part of sex where you’re about to cum? Right before you go over that edge… that point… What would happen if you decided not to cum? What if you took some deep breaths and slowed down for a bit?

What if instead of the instant pleasure gratification of cumming, you chose to go for a different type of gratification that is way better than most people can imagine? HINT: you have to go beyond the original urge to ejaculate to get there.

I’m here to tell you that those greater realms of pleasure are real… and entering those realms will impact every single aspect of your life.


What is beyond ejaculation - what happens if I don't ejaculate - Taylor Johnson

What can Happen Beyond Ejaculation?


1. Greater Connection In Sexual Interactions

  • letting go of my attachment to ejaculation creates room for non-goal-oriented sex, which has almost always brought my partner(s) and I closer
  • I get more in tune with my partner’s pleasure, with their breath and their energy
  • my partner doesn’t have to worry about me cumming, so she can be more present


2. Greater Sexual Pleasure

  • Beyond ejaculation is the realm of non-ejaculatory orgasms, heartgasms, nipplegasms, full body energygasms and lifegasms.
  • The overall amount of physical pleasure goes up. Read my first-hand experience here: My First Tantric Orgasm.
  • When choosing to go beyond ejaculation, I practice breathing and circulating energy and pleasure through my entire body, and that’s one thing that allows for unbelievable pleasure. A full guide for this will be coming soon. Click here to sign up to be notified when it comes out. 


3. Endless Sex

  • If my partner and I complete sex without me ejaculating, 30 minutes after having sex I will still feel charged, and we can have sex again. Then again an hour later, then again 20 minutes later, then again before bed, then again in the morning…
  • I experience no Orgasm Hangover (aka refractory period).
  • My attraction for my partner doesn’t drop.
  • If I don’t ejaculate and IF I integrate my sexual energy into my entire body, my overall levels of energy, vitality, inspiration and motivation for life will be way higher. INTEGRATION IS KEY!


4. More Money, Better Relationships and Better Health

  • Going beyond ejaculation affects my ability to make money, my businesses, my physical health, my emotional health, my friendships and my relationships with my family. But How? You might ask…
  • Brahmacharya is the name used in Tantra for the practice of conserving and building your energy without ejaculating. It also is a practice of noticing where and how your valuable life energy could be leaking from you). In life, there are all sorts of things that are analogous to ejaculation…
    • Business: do I take the quick pleasure of finishing a client project to an acceptable level for them just to get the reward of a check, or do I go above and beyond and make their project amazing?
    • Business: a helpful practice is to notice where an “energy leak” might be happening. Is there some part of my business that is drawing me down because I’m not passionate about it? Could I possibly subcontract this part of my business out so I don’t have to think about it?What is beyond ejaculation - what happens if I don't ejaculate - Taylor Johnson
    • Friendships: do I have any friendships that are toxic that are consistently taking large amounts of my energy away from other things that are important to me? Either heal them or cut them out.What is beyond ejaculation - what happens if I don't ejaculate - Taylor Johnson
    • Personal Life: do I have too many physical belongings? Is my house cluttered? Have I stretched myself too far in terms of a mortgage or rent? Do I regularly worry about the health of my car? Are there any areas of my personal life that constantly take more energy than they should? How can I amp up my performance in all areas of my life?What is beyond ejaculation - what happens if I don't ejaculate - Taylor Johnson


This practice has also helped me uplevel my sex & romantic life, my businesses (bringing in more financial abundance), my friendships and my family relationships too. It’s powerful, important work. It’s also simple to do, but simple doesn’t mean easy.


How do You Go Beyond Ejaculation?

That’s a damn good question. It starts by shifting your mindset… by creating a belief that something different is possible.

Over the next few months I’m going to share more about this, and by January 1st of 2019, The Art of Orgasm for Men will be available!

This is going to be a course that will combine the best of Tantric & Taoist Sexuality practices with the best of modern research and self-directed neuroplasticity. All of the good stuff that has helped me have consistent, amazing sexual experiences while being able to last as long as I want in bed.

If you’re interested, know that I’m going to offer this training to a small group of people on my email list FOR FREE before it goes live to the general public. If you’re interested, click here to sign up! I’d love for you to be part of the first group.


Thoughts & Questions?

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