If you ejaculate often, you’re probably impacting your life in a negative way.


I did this for years – I had no idea what I was doing to my life, and nobody showed me a better way.

I was living in constant state of ejaculation hangover… a state of suppressed confidence, passion, creativity, purpose, and decreased performance in life.

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What is Ejaculation Hangover?

When I say “ejaculation hangover,” I’m specifically referring to the period after ejaculation that’s commonly known as the sexual refractory period.

***This article is about people with cocks. It’s not applicable in the same way for people who have a pussy.

The sexual refractory period refers to the amount of time it takes you to recover enough for your cock to get hard and have sex again.

Ejaculation hangover can affect you for days. 

ejaculation hangover - male orgasm hangover - taylor johnson

I think back to times in my life when I ejaculated every day, or every other day, or even every third or fourth day… I was living in a constant state of suppressed sexual desire, motivation, clarity and confidence, and I had no idea…

There is an entirely different reality available to you.

Have you ever paid close attention to how you feel after you ejaculate? What about the next day? What about the day after that?

The physiological and energetic effects of an ejaculation last for days. 

If you are ejaculating every day, you are probably not living up to your full potential as a human.

ejaculation hangover - male orgasm hangover - taylor johnson

I’m not going to say it’s totally black and white, because there are extreme outliers in every population, but for the vast majority us with cocks, ejaculating every day is probably not a good idea.

If you ejaculate often, I encourage you to try an experiment.

Try going 7 days without an ejaculation and see what happens.

ejaculation hangover - male orgasm hangover - taylor johnson

Notice to your mental clarity, notice how you feel in your body, notice how your heart feels during this time.

Notice how your levels of motivation, clarity and passion change. I can almost guarantee these levels will go up.

I especially encourage you to try this experiment if you’re not sure what you’re doing with your life. Or if you find yourself going in circles, running up against the same problem over and over and over again.

Your semen and sexual energy are vital parts of your lifeforce. If you’re just spilling this energy out through regular ejaculations, you’re not receiving the benefit of this power. And your body is constantly working to replenish that vital source of energy (millions of sperm cells)! Each one of which can grow into an entire human being!

Conserving your energy and not ejaculating all the time will almost certainly uplevel your life, and I encourage everyone to try it.

I especially encourage you to try this practice if you are not sure what you’re doing with your life, if you’re not feeling as confident as you’d like, and if you feel like you’re living in a haze.

This practice isn’t going to solve your problems, but it will help you be the kind of person you need to be to rise above – to have clarity, move forward and live a fucking magnificent life.

ejaculation hangover - male orgasm hangover - taylor johnson

Remember, benefits of semen retention include increased confidence, passion, clarity, creativity, performance, sexual desire and more. If you are in a state with heightened levels of these things, your thoughts and feelings will be totally different than if you feel depleted.

I highly, highly encourage you to experiment with this practice. It might just change your life.

Please feel free to share this article with anyone who you think could benefit.

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