I've made it my goal to demystify the path to a marvelous, empowered and inspiring sex life.

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It all started back in college when I ejaculated in less than 60 seconds while having sex with my girlfriend… She looked at me with frustration and sadness and said to me in a charged tone “Really!?”


My name is Taylor, and I run this site – Beyond Ejaculation

I struggled with premature ejaculation, vulnerability, and sexual power for years.

That’s a longer story that I’ll share more of soon…

The short story is that I’ve spent the past 10 years studying & experimenting with all sorts of intimate practices from Tantra, Taoist Sexuality and Yogic to self-directed neuroplasticity, authentic relating, communication and a variety of men’s work.

Through these practices I started having the best sex of my life. I have been able to last as long as I want in bed, I’ve had full body orgasms without ejaculating, and I have been able to build and use my sexual energy for way more than just sex.

One of my most recent girlfriends even said “I wish you could have sex with every woman in the world to show them what’s possible!”

I share that only to show you that it’s 100% possible to go from majorly struggling with premature ejaculation and vulnerability issues to being able to have mind-blowing, heart-opening bed-shattering amazing sex. You can do it too.

All you need are the right tools, practices, and dedication, and I’m happy to be here to support you in whatever way I can.


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